True Lies and the End is Nigh So Hold On Tight (The Dark Calling – A Book Review)

The Dark Calling
Author: Kresley Cole

In a world teetering on the edge…With enemies at every turn…Darkness beckons.

Evie Greene is hanging on to life by a thread as startling news rocks her world. This news could change everything, but she has doubts. When her allies turn on her she must go out on her own to figure out a way to save them-if they can be saved.
With unlikely allies, she sets out for answers, even answers about Jack Deveaux and him possibly being alive.

Vengeance Becomes Her (Arcana Rising – A Book Review)

Arcana Rising

When the battle is done…And all hope is lost…Vengeance becomes everything.

Evie Greene, The Empress of the Major Arcana (that's right the tarot cards are real), is struggling to keep going on after a deadly earthquake swallows up her hopes for the future and then destroys them.
Unable to mourn, Evie can think of nothing but vengeance. Every time she closes her eyes though, she sees it all over again. She and her other allies have to defeat Richter, The Emperor, before he can unleash more hell and destroy what is left of the world.

Don’t Blink, It’s the End Of the World as You Know It (Day Zero – A Book Review)

Millennia ago, the gods grew bored.

Across the globe each one connected to this deadly game must first survive the horrifying night that turned their worlds upside down and changed them forever. Some Arcana are experiencing their powers for the first time. Others were just waiting for this game to begin. Here, discover what they lost and the hell they went through and how their lives began anew on day zero of the Flash.

The Heat of Battle…In a Teenage Wasteland (Dead of Winter – A Book Review)

Heartbreaking decisions. Uncertain victory. Two heroes returned.

Evie must save Jack from The Lovers, them most twisted and perverted of the Arcana. She just has to. she can't bare to think what they can do to him.
Then when Death waltzes in, she and Jack have to team up with him in order to defeat The Lovers once and for all. These twins warp the minds of their victims with emotions as well as physical torture. They must be stopped.
Amidst this, Evie has a difficult choice to make. Jack or Death? Her heart is pulled in both directions. What will she, The Empress, do? Who will she choose?

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