Summer Booklist 2021 Non-Fiction Edition

The final booklist: Non-Fiction. Sometimes you like the true stories. I don't, but some do and that's great. From small town stories to worldly. From self-identity to true crime. There's a little something for all. Have a good summer!

Soon You’ll Be an Osiris (Thebes of the Hundred Gates – A Book Review)

Thebes of the Hundred Gates
Author: Robert Silverberg

Edward Davis is sent back in time to Ancient Egypt to find two agents of the Time Service that have gotten lost in time. He only has a short time to find them before he gets stuck in the history of time as well. He'll encounter many obstacles and dangers on his mission. It's the allure that may have him staying.

Gnomes and Yellow Stars (Friedrich – A Book Review)

You start the book with a garden gnome named Polycarp that is seemingly happy and end with the same Gnome, destroyed by terror...this novel brings you up close with a Jewish family that experienced the Holocaust firsthand from discrimination to being collected up and deported...Anne Frank is compelling and Friedrich stands right beside it, telling a strong tale of another child during one of the darkest times in history. 

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