It’s Sunny’s World, We’re Just Floating In It (Waiting a Lifetime – A Book Review)

Sunny Siebel leads a simple, teenage life. She goes to school, spends time with her family, loves to read…and she can see ghosts. That’s right. This girl sees dead people, and for her it’s more comforting to spend time with them than it is to hang around actual people. Enter the world of reapers, malighosts and Eden with Sunny where her journey gets more complicated after meeting the intense Degory Alden, a reaper. Their connection is undeniable, but their love is seemingly impossible.

Possession is Fundamental, Not. (Unmarked – A Book Review)

The demon, Andras is set free thanks to Kennedy and the Legion. Now, Kennedy is off at boarding school. Girls have been going missing left and right. With no idea about where her friends are, Kennedy keeps track of the strange occurrences happening across the country, not that she has a choice with her photographic memory. Then Jared Lockhart shows up...

The Family Business? (Unbreakable – A Book Review)

From the co-author of the Beautiful Creatures series comes a book about the forces of darkness. Kennedy Waters is your average teenager with the exception of having a photographic memory. After discovering her mother dead, she’s nearly killed by the same force, a deadly spirit when twins, Jared and Lukas Lockhart break in and save her. Kennedy’s quickly swept into a world of fighting and protecting the world from vengeance spirits and demons.

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