The Future is Dead (1984 – A Book Review)

1984 Author: George Orwell Big Brother is watching... A dark, horrifying look at a futuristic world governed by The Party, a totalitarian system. Language changes constantly. Television is no longer an entertainment to watch and enjoy, but a device to watch you. An entire future is distorted and drowned in war.

Forever Until There’s Nothing Left (Wither – A Book Review)

Wither Author: Lauren DeStefano What if you knew exactly when you would die? Because of a deadly virus, women die at the young age of twenty and men at twenty-five. Rhine Ellery is forced into a life of luxury and wealth when she is kidnapped and married off to the Governor Linden Ashby. With only four years before the virus takes her, she's determined to escape and find her twin brother, even if that means pretending to love her new husband and blend in with her fellow sister wives.

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