Once You’re A Princess You Never Stop (Princess Diarist – A Book Review)

The Princess Diarist Author: Carrie Fisher Filled with humor and wit comes a memoir Star Wars fans have been waiting for. Thee pages of a princess's diaries finally come out and she's not holding back. From rendezvouses with a smuggler to navigating conventions, she reveals all...

Lights. Camera. Flickers. (The Girls in the Picture – A Book Review)

A memory of a different time, a different color, a different door… Before there were movies and television shows there were the silent films and the talkies. It was the beginning of film. At the forefront of this revolution from theatre to black and white there was Mary Pickford and Frances Marion, friends and feminist duo. These two ladies were much more than that; they were innovators and artists in a time when the world was considered no place for a woman to work, a man’s world.

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