Crossing That Bridge (Neon Gods – A Book Review)

After a sudden announcement that she's to wed Zeus, Persephone flees. She knows what happens to his wives and she refuses to give away her freedom. When she meets Hades, they strike quite the bargain that could mean chaos for both of them. What they didn't expect was the feelings they developed for one another.

The Dream Job (Entrance – A Book Review)

Clarissa Moone is timid and shy and has a strong passion for art and the sixties. So when she gets a much coveted job for the bachelor, Mr. Aidan Thornhill who’s well-known for his charity and is an art enthusiast like herself, she’s ecstatic. A completely new wardrobe, personal cottage, and all the food you can eat along with flexible hours? Who doesn’t want this job!
It becomes more than just a job as Clarissa gets to know Aidan. He’s not just the billionaire everybody else sees. He’s caring and genuine. And she may be falling in love. That can’t be good. Or can it?

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