The Path of Rebellion (God Emperor of Dune. – A Book Review)

Millenia have passed and Leto II is the emperor of the the known universe. His journey to the Golden Path is a dictatorship. there are rebels that would see him eliminated for his harsh ruling and the control he has over the spice. Sonia, leading this rebellion, doesn't yet know the destiny that awaits her, but Leto does.

Sundown Rundown – March 2019

Hello, Booklovers, The end of March is nigh. The sun is setting and might I say (and probably for the millionth time) that I’m so GLAD that the sun is out longer. I’ve missed it. March was such a great month for reading. I got a lot done. See for yourself, and maybe even catch... Continue Reading →

War Bleeds Red and Silver (Glass Sword – A Book Review)

Glass Sword (Red Queen #2)
Author: Victoria Aveyard

Mare and Cal are on the run from the new King. With the help of friends and unexpected allies, they search for those who have unique abilities like Mare so that they may just win the war. Mare is slowly losing herself though. Is she strong enough to fight becoming a monster like their new king?

Silver in the Red (Red Queen – A Book Review)

Red Queen (Red Queen #1)
Author: Victoria Aveyard

Mare's life is changed forever when it's discovered she has supernatural abilities like Silvers. She's a Red. A nothing...until now. In a cover-up she is brought into the world of the Silvers as a long lost princess and her life depends on keeping it up. When a rebellion begins against the Silvers and she begins falling for the princes...her facade begins to tremble

Reunions Taste Bittersweet (Sever – A Book Review)

Sever (The Chemical Garden Trilogy #3)
Author: Lauren DeStefano

Rhine finally reunites with her brother, Rowan. Secrets about their parents and about themselves are revealed. Shaken by them and by the news that together, she and Rowan could be the key to a cure for the virus, Rhine must figure out if she can trust the source it all comes from. The man who stole her away from her brother and experimented on her. Vaughn.

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