Mother of Dolls (Garden of Shadows – A Book Review)

Garden of Shadows (The Dollangangers #5) Author: V. C. Andrews Olivia dreamed of a sun-filled love, a happy life. Then she entered Foxworth Hall… Before The Dollangangers came to the doorstep of Foxworth Hall, Olivia Winfield, a spinsterish woman, hopes to find love one day. When all seems lost, she meets Malcolm Foxworth and believes she has finally found joy. He is smart, intense, and handsome, but the moment they marry and she comes to Foxworth Hall, it all changes. His dark obsessions and jealousy cast a shadow over the house and soon enough her hopes. In this prequel to Flowers in the Attic, the dark, haunting secrets began.

New Dolls to Play With (Seeds of Yesterday – A Book Review)

Seeds of Yesterday Author: V.C. Andrews They escaped their mother’s hellish trap years ago, but a cruel history of lies and deceit has come full circle… The Dollangangers gather for Bart's 25th birthday and while he's grown more vile and disturbed, he wants nothing more than his family together to celebrate as he finally gets his inheritance. When tragedy strikes, they're all hanging on by sheer will and hope. The tainted past kept secret for so long is no longer secret and they will be forced to relive it and overcome it where it all began.

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