The Scarlet Playlist – August 30, 2021

Hey there, book hoarders! Happy Monday! I hope you're doing well. I've got the playlist of the week for you. Though the month is coming ot an end, I've still got some August songs! So, enjoy! I compiled this just for you guys. Read to it, cook with it blasting in the kitchen, fall asleep... Continue Reading →

The First Cut is the Deepest (Beautiful Redemption – A Book Review)

Travis Maddox is known for being arrogant and impossible but it makes him good at his job. Still suffering from his broken heart, everything changes when the new transfer, Liis Lindy enters the picture. She's in a relationship...with her career and won't allow anything to ruin that. The two together must go undercover, but what happens when pretend is no longer pretend? When the lines blur and they get a real glimpse at one another?

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