99 Problems and Being Rich Isn’t One of Them (China Rich Girlfriend – A Book Review)

On the eve of Rachel Chu's wedding she learns of his father and so much more. Taking her honeymoon to get to know him and her new brother introduces her to a whole new world. In the last book, she learned what was crazy rich was. Now, she's about to dive into China rich, and it's a whole different game.

The True Freedom To Be You and Me (Stargirl – A Book Review)

Stargirl was more than mysterious. She was magical. And in such a short time, Leo Borlock was in love with her. There was something about the way she seemed to live her life outside of conformity. She celebrated everything and everyone. But, that did strike confusion into so many others. Still, amid the struggle to get through high school, she was nobody but Stargirl.

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