Speedy Quote Sunday

It's Speedy Quote Sunday and I've got a couple lines from books I've enjoyed and why I like them so much. There might be a little wisdom, too, but that's for you to judge.

Mayfairs: The Next Generation (Taltos – A Book Review)

Rowan and the rest of the Mayfair family are free of Lasher, though at a devastating price. Trying to recover, the family is blindly attacked and a reckoning is called for. A creature older than time, a Taltos, closes in on the family with its own mysterious reasons. A new generation of Mayfair witches awaken.

Something Wicked Lurking in the Shadows (The Witching Hour – A Book Review)

After discovering her biological mother has died, Rowan Mayfair comes to New Orleans, the home of the Mayfair witches. She'll come to find out that there's a dark history in her family and whether she likes it or not, fate has plans for her. Lasher, the thing that has been following the Mayfair women for generations and now he comes to Rowan, threatening all she has with something lustful and dangerous. Love.

Midnight Tease

It's midnight. It's June. It's time to see what's coming up this summery month on my queue line of books! While you know you should be sleeping, take a peek at this instead to see if you've read some these, or maybe discover a few you want to read in the future.

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