The Heat of Battle…In a Teenage Wasteland (Dead of Winter – A Book Review)

Heartbreaking decisions. Uncertain victory. Two heroes returned. Evie must save Jack from The Lovers, them most twisted and perverted of the Arcana. She just has to. she can't bare to think what they can do to him. Then when Death waltzes in, she and Jack have to team up with him in order to defeat The Lovers once and for all. These twins warp the minds of their victims with emotions as well as physical torture. They must be stopped. Amidst this, Evie has a difficult choice to make. Jack or Death? Her heart is pulled in both directions. What will she, The Empress, do? Who will she choose?

Journey to the Jade Girl (Idols – A Book Review)

So I watch while my world spins out of control. After destroying the Icon in The Hole (Los Angeles), Dol and her friends search out the other Icons so that they can destroy them and save the world from the Lords. But when Dol’s dreams about a little jade girl grow increasingly alarming, the group journeys all the way to the SEA colonies (Asia) to help her figure them out. This little girl could hold the key to freeing the world.

Oh, Death… (Endless Knight – A Book Review)

Shocking Secrets. Unexpected Allies. Gut-Wrenching Treachery. The Flash has obliterated the world, turning it into  an apocalyptic wasteland, and Evie Greene is no longer the fragile, helpless girl. A deadly game that only one can win has already began between the tarot cards. Oh yes, they’re real...

Cars Aren’t Tree Huggers (Where It Began – A Book Review)

Gabby is living the good life with her popular boyfriend, Billy. And then one night she wakes with no memory of how his car got wrapped around a tree and she has no idea where he is. In fact, she can't remember anything. In a heap of trouble, people think she is covering for what really happened that night. But what happened? When Gabby finds out, she isn't so sure she wants to know, even if it's what could help her.

Party Goes Murder (The Cabin – A Book Review)

Mackenzie joins her friends on a weekend escape to a cabin in the middle of nowhere so that they can have fun before everyone heads off to university in the fall. Sparks fly and alcohol is flowing and in the morning two people are dead with the only possible suspects being the ones in the house.

Possession is Fundamental, Not. (Unmarked – A Book Review)

The demon, Andras is set free thanks to Kennedy and the Legion. Now, Kennedy is off at boarding school. Girls have been going missing left and right. With no idea about where her friends are, Kennedy keeps track of the strange occurrences happening across the country, not that she has a choice with her photographic memory. Then Jared Lockhart shows up...

The Human Next Door (LUX: Oblivion – A Book Review)

Daemon and Dee Black are still coming to terms with the loss of their brother and triplet, Dawson. And then, Katy Swartz moves into the house next door and all kinds of alarms go off in Daemon Black’s head. As a Luxen, the worst thing that can happen is for a human to get too close and one living just next door is too close.

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