Scarlet Playlist – Nov. 11, 2019

Scarlet Reader

Hey, booknerds!

Happy Monday! Or if it’s not then I hope this brightens your day! Here’s the playlist of the week. Dance to it, sing to it, create an interpretive dance to it (which if you do please record it and send me a link because I will watch the crap out of it). Whatever you want.

Here you go!

1. Sweetness – Jimmy Eat World

2. Carry On My Wayward Son – Kansas

3. Miracle – The Score

4. That’s What You Get – Paramore

5. Here Is Gone – The Goo Goo Dolls

6. It’s Time – Imagine Dragons

7. Are You Happy Now? – Michelle Branch

8. In My Blood – Shawn Mendez

9. A Place Called Home – Kim Richey

10. All I Ever Wanted – Kelly Clarkson

11. Counting Blue Cars – Dishwalla

12. Don’t Walk Away – Sick Puppies


More to come soon…


P. S. Happy Veteran’s and thank you to all who have served honorably in the military as well as those who still do. Truly.

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Scarlet Playlist – Nov. 4, 2019

Scarlet Reader

Hey there, bookworms!

Happy Monday! This is the Scarlet Playlist! I love music and I love reading to so I created this playlist to read to! Well, you don’t have to read to it. You can make it your driver to work playlist or use it for random dancing. Whatever you want. Personally, I find that a playlist makes for a great book soundtrack.

Here you go!

1. My Saving Grace – ATB ft. Aruna

2. Angel – Sarah McLachlan

3. Thinking of You – Katy Perry

4. My Sundown – Jimmy Eat World

5. We’ll Be A Dream – We The Kings ft. Demi Lovato

6. Foolish Games – Jewel ft. Kelly Clarkson

7. Strawberry Wine – Deana Carter

8. Who Knew – P!NK

9. Bad Liar – Imagine Dragons

10. Better Than Me – Hinder

11. Don’t Want To Be Your Girl No More – Wet

12. The War is Over – Kelly Clarkson

More to come soon…



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Scarlet Playlist – Oct. 28, 2019

Scarlet Reader

Hey there bookworms!

Happy Monday, or not depending on how you’re feeling about it. If you’re feeling like Monday needs to go screw itself then you know what? Monday, go screw yourself.

To brighten you up, here’s the playlist of the week!


1. On My Way Down – Ryan Cabrera

2. Tell Me Lies – Ashley Tisdale

3. Young Blood – The Naked and Famous

4. Bad Moon Rising – Mourning Ritual

5. Freak on a Leash – Korn

6. Replay – Zendaya

7. When You Were Young – The Killers

8. Sweet But Psycho – Ava Max 

9. Thunder – Boys Like Girls 

10. Disturbia – Rhianna

11. Unwell – Matchbox Twenty

12. Cursed Theme – Marco Beltrami (This is one of my absolute favorite scores and comes from the 2005 film, Cursed. Werewolves! It’s actually gorgeous, but the only place I’vee ever found it is on Youtube. Definitely take a listen! You can also find it on there under Love Theme – Cursed.)

Have a happy, festive, and spooky Halloween! 🎃

And one more thing, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Hehe.

More to come soon…



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Scarlet Playlist – Oct. 21, 2019

Scarlet Reader


Hey there my sweet little book readers!

Happy Monday, event hough Mondays aren’t always happy. It’s time for the Scarlet Playlist! So, here it is. Listen the crap out of it, or don’t. I’m truly not offended. I just love music and reading and putting the two together. I wanted to share some of that music, so every Monday, to get your week going, I give you playlists.

Now, you don’t have to only use them for reading. Car karaoke is totally cool too. So is shower karaoke. Get nostalgic. Get addicted to artists you might never have heard from before. I do have quite eclectic tastes. You may even find some Celtic music on here one day. Just enjoy it. I made it for you to add some sunshine to your life.

Also, this playlist is a special one this year. Okay, not really. It’s my birthday so I put my favorite songs on this one. Well, some of them. I have a LOT of favorite songs. One of my greatest lines is, “Oooo! I love this song!”. I did add a lucky thirteen to this list.

Here you go!


1. Lovesick – BANKS

2. You Found Me – Kelly Clarkson

3. Stormy – Hedley

4. Lover – Taylor Swift

5. Better Than Me – Hinder

6. Are You With Me – Sixx AM

7. Miracle – The Score

8. Gypsy – Fleetwood Mac

9. Stay – Safety Suit

10. Think Twice – Eve 6

11. Hands – Leona Lewis

12. It Is What It Is – Lifehouse

BONUS 13. Miracle – CHVRCHES

Have an awesome day!


More to come soon…



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Scarlet Playlist – Oct. 14, 2019

Scarlet Reader

Hey, book addicts!

Happy Monday! And if it’s not a good Monday then just give it the finger and have an awesome Tuesday! This is the playlist for the week. That’s right. I put together this swanky thing just for you. I love listening to music and wanted to share it. I also love to listen to it while reading.

Maybe you’ve heard some of these before. Maybe you’re discovering a few new ones. In any case, here it is. Sing to it. create a musical with it, cook to it. Whatever you desire. Just enjoy.

1. Cut – Plumb

2. Post Blue – Placebo

3. Take It On The Run – REO Speedwagon 

4. Blue Jeans – Lana Del Rey

5. I Miss You – Blink 182

6. Heroes – Zayde Wolf

7. Start a Riot – Jetta

8. Heartbeat – Enrique Iglesias ft. Nicole Scherzinger

9. Birds – Imagine Dragons

10. Obvious – Hey Monday

11. Everlong – Foo Fighters

12. Run – Collective Soul

More to come soon…



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Scarlet Playlist – Oct. 7, 2019

Scarlet Reader

Hey, bookworms!

Happy Monday! And if it’s not a happy one then I hope this is a spark for you. This is the Scarlet Playlist. What is that? See, I love listening to music. It’s calming and gets out of my anxious head in a good way. I also love to read. Doing both is so great. Music can give a story such an awesome soundtrack and intensify the emotion of it. So, I’ve created a playlist for you. You can read to it, dance to it, do car karaoke. Whatever you want. This playlist was created for you.

Just no burgling to it. This is a crime-free playlist.


1. Shakespeare -Miranda Cosgrove

2. On My Way – The Score

3. One Little Slip – The Barenaked Ladies 

4. Out of the Woods – Taylor Swift

5. Undefeated – Daughtry

6. Vacation – Simple Plan

7. Before the Storm – The Jonas Brothers ft. Miley Cyrus

8. She’s So High (Above Me) – Tal Bachman

9. Stranded – Plumb

10. Crush – David Archuleta

11. Quicksand – Everly

12. 8th World Wonder – Kimberly Locke

More to come soon…



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Scarlet Playlist – Sept. 30, 2019

Scarlet Reader

Hey there book clan!

Happy Monday! If it’s not then I hope this reading playlist makes it a little better. I love to share music. More so, I love listening to it while reading. Feel free to use it however you want. Working out, the drive to work, whatever you choose.

Have a great week!


In The Places Between – Of Verona

Feels Like Coming Home – Jetta

Only One – Alex Band

Unholy – Hey Violet

Unspoken – Hurts

Great Wide Open – Thirty Seconds to Mars

Gods and Monsters – Lana Del Rey

Gallows Strung – Snow Ghosts

Gemini Feed – BANKS

Ashes Like Snow – Lily Kershaw

Beauty of the Dark – Mads Langer

Northern Lights – Cider Sky

Have a favorite song or maybe one you haven’t heard in a while? What is it!? I love adding new music to my iPod.

More to come soon…



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