Secrets on the Bayou (Dark and Shallow Lies – A Book Review)

La Cachette is known to be the psychic capital of the world, at least to some. Grey returns like she does every summer, but this time it's to search for her best friend, Elora who's been missing for six months. The secrets of La Cachette run deep and are connected, but Grey only digs deeper, especially after a mysterious stranger shows up.

Jealousy Bears the Crown (The Cruel Prince – A Book Review)

Growing up in the land of faerie, Jude has only wanted one thing. She's wanted to become a knight to the crown. As a human that's nearly impossible. At the cruel whims of Prince Cardan and his entourage, Jude is determined to prove that they have no power over her. So, when she becomes a spy for Prince Dain, she discovers that the royal family has many dark secrets. Some she wished to never know, and some that will bring down the royal family.

Magic Across the Universe (The Serpent’s Curse – A Book Review)

Esta and Harte are facing more than just the Order now. Seshat, a vengeful goddess, now possesses Harte and is threatening to tear the world apart. Esta and Harte must find the remaining elemental artifacts in order to stop her and even then it may not be enough. They can only try, but with the help of unexpected allies, they just might succeed. Still, they can't help but wonder about what they could lose including each other.

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