Oh, Vampire Lover Where Art Thou? (Club Dead – A Book Review)

Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse #3)

Author: Charlaine Harris

Published: 2003

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Rated W for werewolves, wandering lust, and wicked vampires.

“I have a secret assignment.” –Bill

After Bill confesses to being on a secret mission for the vampire queen of Louisiana, he suddenly disappears. He’s been kidnapped by the vampire king of Mississippi. Sookie seeks out Eric’s help to find him and the two find themselves caught up in the under-underworld where werewolves are working for vampires.

The closer they get to finding Bill, the more they wonder if they should save him at all. Sookie isn’t so sure that the Bill they’re looking for is the Bill they’ll find.

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Sookie is once again caught in the middle of deadly vampire business and this time werewolves are thrown into the mix. She goes to great lengths to find her boyfriend, vampire Bill, but what she discovers breaks her heart and makes her question their love. Eric, the vampire sheriff, and Alcide, the werewolf of Mississippi, assist in bringing Bill back to her. Things went awry quickly when Sookie caught in an act of betrayal making her question everything.


Sookie really got caught up in it this time. Dating a vampire has never been more complicated. This woman can’t catch a break! From investigating a werewolf club to trying to get rid of a dead body and even getting cozy with Russell Edgington, Sookie had her hands full.


However, I will say that she should definitely take a break from the dating pool. It’s impressive that she’s got almost every guy wrapped around her finger: Bill, Eric, Alcide, even Sam, but she’s got a lot to sort out and I hope she takes the time for it. Especially since Bill took advantage of and raped her in this novel, which is a major reason this installment to the series rubbed me so wrong. He did that and then Sookie apologized!? LIKE WHAT!? Girl, no. Just, nope. Take a time out and reassess yourself and values, and heal from the trauma because that isn’t right. 

Outside of the fecked-up issues with Bill (which has made me truly hate his character; he’s horrific), the trip to Mississippi was mildly fun. I loved the extra depth added to Alcide’s character. More so, Russell Edgington wasn’t as vicious as I expected him to be. I was surprised. As a watcher of the hit show, all of the characters in this book have been different than I thought they’d be. Well, except for Bill’s maker, Lorena. She was still quite a…peach. LOL. So, the characters certainly keep time on my toes.


This book took a turn and I’m not sure it’s a good one. Though the pace and imagery were the same, the book went down a truly dark road this time around. The bits of humor that have typically been amusing weren’t. The story was lost on me the moment that not only Sookie but Tara was compromised. It engaged my rage.


This was not a winner for me. This was darker than expected, but I hope the next book gets back to the silly, off-the-wall, blonde humor that is Sookie and also the whacky situations she gets herself into.


“Kind of ironic, isn’t it, that it was the human that got staked.” (Sookie, p. 181)

“I don’t like having feelings.” (Eric, p.199)

“Don’t go looking for trouble; it’s already looking for you.” (Gran, p. 214)

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