Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book swooners!

I love this post. I get to share extra and look back on books I’ve read (and possibly loved). Reflecting back on all I’ve read is always mindblowing. I wish I was better about how often I do this one. Even though it’s bi-weekly, I still fall behind on occasion. LOL. Life gets busy sometimes, but I’m trying guys.

This Sunday, I was inspired by the poetry I’ve read in the past. There have been some that were incredibly moving, So I wanted to share. Who knows, maybe you’ve read these too, or you might want to read these authors for yourself. I know Halsey surprised me. It wasn’t that I doubted her writing ability. No, not at all. She is incredible. I was just surprised she published a book. She’s accomplished so much in so many fields. Her poetry book is one of my utmost favorites.


I think it's for the best
if I should open up my chest
and mail the contents to your hotel room
to wake you while you rest.
(I Would Leave Me If I Could, Halsey)

Halsey shook me with her poetry. Magnetic and dark, she knocks all of her walls down and lets he reader in. How much I was able to relate to the emotion she relayed shook me up.

I am not
where you
left me.
I am all
the places
I have never
(Nocturnal, Wilder Poetry)

Such a mesmerizing book. This one begins in a place filled with sadness but in the short prose, it ends with a sense of content independence. An open heart. A fresh start that leaves no trace of the hurt. This was like an intake of fresh air. A moment of change that frees you.

More to come soon…


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