Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book clan!

Every other Sunday I get to share a couple lines from books I’ve read. There are books that strike like lightning with meaningful lines. Sometimes it’s because of how meaningful they are or because they make you laugh or cry. Sometimes it’s because you can’t believe you just read that and it was incredibly ridiculous. Rather than choose according to my emotions this time, I got thematic instead. Here are a couple quotes from TV spin-off novels.

“Humanity’s always been suspicious at heart.” (Nancy Drew: the Cure, Micol Ostow)

Boy, isn’t this the truth!? Around every corner, we’re always wondering if somebody is about to hurt us somehow. It’s tragic, yet with the world that we live in, understandable. This line gobsmacked good.

“Leaking Hellmouth. There’s a menstruation joke in there somewhere if we look hard enough.” (In Every Generation, Kendare Blake)

This was a technicality. but I think it still counts. Buff the Vampire Slayer has left such a legendary impact that Blake has invented a series for a whole new generation! And honestly? This line was gold! I reread it twice and still snorted when I came across it again. Though Franky is the new slayer, this is the same quip of Buffy. That feeling isn’t easy to get right either, yet it hit me in my nostalgia.

What’s a line from a book that’s made you pause, or was thought-provoking in someway?

More to come soon…


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