Midnight Tease – February 2023

Hey there, book clan!

It is the witching hour and if you’re up then you’re a night owl like me. February has finally rolled around and that means new books from the TBR are finally up to bat. While I’m finally finishing up the Dune series, I’m very excited to continue the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy and the Weather Wardens.

I can’t say I have too much excitement happening this month, but I’m always surprised. So, we’ll see how it goes. Maybe I’ll do a horror movie for Valentine’s Day.

Go ahead and take a scroll and check out what’s on the agenda this month.

Coming Soon…

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Author: Douglas Adams
Penguin Random House

The perfect start to my bookish resolution! So many people have recommended this one and I’m finally doing it!

King of Battle and Blood
Author: Scarlett St. Clair

It’s steamy spicy tine!…With a side of blood and gore?

Author: Rachel Caine
The Scarlet Reader

I am so excited to be continuing this series. It’s been amazing!


China Rich Girlfriend
Author: Kevin Kwan
Chapterhouse: Dune
Author: Frank Herbert
Penguin Random House

Up For Review…

Digital Spy

The Merciless IV
Author: Danielle Vega
Author Stephanie Garber
Ali’s Reviews
The Last Werewolf
Author: Glen Duncan

More to come soon…


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Thoughts? Let’s chat in the comments below!


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