The Scarlet Playlist – Jan. 30, 2023

Hey there, book junkies!

Happy Monday! I hope you guys are doing well. Things aren’t too shabby on my end. The way I figure it, things could be better but they could be worse, and I’ve lived at both ends of that spectrum. I hope your week has gotten off to a good start, if not then I hope this playlist boosts it for you or at least gives you something to release all that tension to. You know the kind of tension I mean. The heart-aching, headache-making, stress, and anxiety-inducing kind. And if you need to scream then let it out.

I don’t know what overcame with this week’s playlist. Ever have that feeling where you so desperately want to scream into the void? To release the pressure of life and every pound of emotion? A heartache that has attached itself to you like a tumor? Well, I’m hoping this can reach out to those parts and help release.

Stay swanky, book humes.


1. Fallen – Sarah McLachlin

2. True Romance – Tove Lo (So fecking raw.)

3. Heartbeats – Daniela Andrade & Dabin

4. Scream – Hedley (While I think the frontman is grody for his treatment of women, the band’s music can really smash. The lyrics and then the instrumental? Just 🤯, connecting to the parts you wish you could actually voice to people.)

5. For the Nights I Can’t Remember – Hedley

6. Ashes Like Snow – Lily Kershaw

7. Think Twice – Eve 6 (So underrated!)

8. Give Me A Sign – Breaking Benjamin

9. White Flag – Dido (This reignites a deep pining.)

10. So Cold – Ben Cocks (That point of no return.)

11. Broken Angel – Boyce Avenue

12. Wings – Birdy (And I cry to this one almost every time I hear it.)

More to come soon…


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