The Sundown Rundown – December 2022

Hey there, book wanderers!

I know 2022 is over, but I have the last wrap-up of the year. December was a busy month with the holiday season, but I figure it’s better late than never to get up the monthly wrap-up. I’m excited to finally be getting to some of my spooky TBR. You’ll see what I mean. LOL. Take a scroll to catch up on any reviews you might’ve missed in December.

I am keeping this short and sweet for you guys. I hope 2022 was good to you guys and that 2023 will be even better. Stay swanky, book humes.

Dead Until Dark

Author: Charlaine Harris


Sookie is just a waitress. Bill is a vampire. The two collide and Sookie’s special power that allows her to read minds gets them into trouble and out of it. Corny and fun with a side of bloody romance.

Horror Hotel

Author: Victoria Fulton, Faith McClaren

Penguin Random House

A ghost hunting Youtube group investigate one of the most haunted hotels in LA and what they got was nothing they expected.

The Merciless III

Author: Danielle Vega

Penguin Random House

Brooklyn just wanted to help the girl who called her help line. What she got was a dark evil set on taking her and her soul.

The Midnight Club

Author: Christopher Pike


Dark tales to comfort the dying, but these tales are much more than they seem. Take a dive into past lives and connections that stretch to one’s very soul.

Also, I’m still stunned that Netflix canceled this show. It was pretty good.

The Final Girl Support Group

Author: Grady Hendrix


A special support group for final girls is targeted by a new killer. Revisiting their past was one thing they were hoping to never do again, but the scars they carry never fade. Still, if there’s one thing a final girl is good at it’s surviving,

BTVS: High School is Hell Vol. 1

Author: Jordie Bellaire, Don Mora


Same Buffy. A whole new generation era which brings on a whole new, diverse set of problems that only the Chosen One can deal with.

Favorite Book this Month: The Merciless III. I almost went with The Final Girl Supoort Group, but The Merciless series has been so great! Exhilierating, brutal, and shocking. I love how I’m always left guessing. Vega is incredible at keeping a reader captivated.

Least Favorite Book this Month: The Midnight Club was my least favorite only because it was misleading. What I thought would have a classic jumpscare and thrill came out depressing more than anything.

And now onto 2023!!

More to come soon…


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