The Scarlet Playlist – Nov. 28, 2022

Hey there, book nerds!

Happy Monday! I hope you guys are doing well. It’s time for the playlist of the week! I love posting this for you guys. It’s very old school, but I’m fine with that. You know how to search up the songs. I just provide the playlist. Maybe you recognize a few of these songs and maybe some are new. The opportunity to share a piece of something I love weekly is a blast. So, take a scroll. I compiled this just for you.

This week, I was feeling mighty somber with this playlist. With the holiday season in full swing, I was thinking a lot about family and what home means. This year has been a tough and shaky one, but it hasn’t shaken my home. For me, it’s never been about a place, but the people in my life and how they’ve helped me grow and make me me.

Have a great week and stay swanky, book humes.

1. Home – Blue October

2. Better Days – Goo Goo Dolls

3. A Place Called Home – Kim Richey (Somehow, this one always gets me in my feels.)

4. Eastside – benny blanco, Halsey, & Khalid

5. Blind – Lifehouse

6. Bright Lights – Matchbox Twenty

7. Simple Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd

8. How Far We’ve Come – Matchbox Twenty

9. Ever the Same – Matchbox Twenty

10. Wherever You Will Go – The Calling

11. So Easy – Phillip Phillips

12. Calls Me Home – Shannon LaBrie

More to come soon…


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