Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book mongers!

I hope you guys are doing well. This is the SQS where I like to share a couple of lines that had a lasting effect, got me pondering, and even left me reflective. That, or they tickled in some ridiculous way. I get excited about this post because it’s a quickie, but I get to share something that shares a little about my bookish interests and maybe I inspire you to add a book to your TBR. Then again, perhaps you’ve read one of these and you’ve got a favorite quote of your own you want to share or gushed about a ship you sail. This is just a short and fun post.

“No soul has ever healed by dwelling on the past.” (A Touch of Darkness, Scarlett St. Clair)

This one really struck past the pages and into a real place. Who doesn’t go to war with parts of their past? NOBODY! This was so personal and sage advice that was unexpected. Though this is a feisty, thrilling, hot-as-hell, read, but there were some great lines. This was only one.

“I hate being a fool. I hate the idea of my emotions getting the better of me, of making me weak. But my fear of being a fool turned me into one.” (Queen of Nothing, Holly Black)

Feeling like a fool is nobody’s idea of a good time. I could feel this through the page and had my own flashback of being a foolish hume. *shudder* ew. Still, emotions are wild things. They do what they want and the results are a mystery. It’s what follows that makes the big impression-how it’s handled. Jude of Black’s FOA trilogy was a BAMF. Even when she felt like this, it didn’t stop her.

More to come soon…


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