The Scarlet Playlist – Oct. 31, 2022

Hey there, book ghouls!

Happy Monday and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! 🎃

I hope you guys have a spooky start to your week. This week’s playlist is inspired by the spiritual and spooky holiday. Rather than digging up my absolutely, downright, nothing but Halloween, I went for something with a more mystical and alluring vibe. That’s right. No Rob Zombie for Halloween this year. Just the lure of what adventure and temptation the darkness might have.

Have a great week and stay spooky, book humes.


1. Aquarius – Digital Daggers

2. Out of This World – Bush (A slow burn unlike any other.)

3. Save Tonight – Zayde Wolf

4. Raise the Dead – Raign

5. Sleeping With Ghosts – Placebo

6. Stefan’s Theme – Michael Suby (Interlude!)

7. Dance On Our Graves – Paper Route

8. Russian Roulette – Rihanna (In my opinion, one of her best songs.)

9. Contagious – Night Riots

10. Help, I’m Alive – Metric

11. Make Me Wanna Die – The Pretty Reckless (The first song that got me hooked on this band.)

12. Zombie – The Pretty Reckless

13. Stand By Me – Ki-Theory

More to come soon…


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