The Sundown Rundown – September 2022

Hey there, book wanderers!

This month was a touch-and-go month. While I triumphed with my reading, life was a different matter altogether. I hit a dark dead end at the start of this month. Crawling out of it wasn’t easy. Also, my washer died in the midst of a cycle and affording a new one was ridiculous. Just…ugh. While there were dark times, there were some great times. Home is officially Halloween ready. Judge me all you like. I’m one of those people. LOL. I also got to go see the Goo Goo Dolls and Blue October in concert with my mum which was incredible and fun.

Now, as the month is coming to an end, the sun is getting in that mood where it sets sooner and sooner and I can feel my seasonal depression trying to kick in. The temperature outside dropped a lot sooner than I expected, too. Buuuuut, that means it’s time for a hot cuppa tea! There are those in the battle between apple cider and pumpkin spice latte. Then there are those like me, watching from the sidelines with my tea.

While enjoying whatever drink keeping you cozy during the Fall season take a scroll and check out reviews you may have missed this month. I am still in awe that I managed seven books this month.

A Touch of Malice

Author: Scarlett St. Clair

Barnes & Noble

A wedding is on the horizon for Persephone and Hades, but Demeter is doing her worst to make sure it doesn’t happen. As Gods and others loyal to them start turning up dead or tortured by a cult, the Gods think about caving to her temper tantrum. A possible war lingers in the cold air. Sides are being chosen. A new world order may be coming.

Siege and Storm

Author: Leigh Bardugo


Alina has decided to collect the other amplifiers before taking on the Darkling. As he gathers an unstoppable army, so does she. She refuses to let his darkness swallow Ravka.

Ruin and Rising

Author: Leigh Bardugo


The final stretch of war comes to Ravka and Alina must decide if she’s ready to lay down her life and the lives of others she cares about for the future.

Forever in Blue

Author: Ann Brashares


With a chance to really find themselves, the girls struggle to stay together and figure out who they want to be as they take on college. But, the pants that have kept them connected still have one last thread of magic in them and many memories to remind them of.


Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jennifer L. Armentrout

It’s all fun and games until you become a god-killer and the gods are preparing to destroy the world.

Sisterhood Everlasting

Author: Ann Brashares

Penguin Book Australia

In this final book, there are still some life lessons to learn. From saying goodbye to welcoming new life, none of the girls expected such life-altering changes.

The Stand

Author: Stephen King


It’s a battle as old as time. Good versus evil. And some, even the strongest and most faithful, may not make it to the very end.

Favorite Book this month: A Touch of Malice through and through. The action, romance, and godly power has been cranked up to an eleven. So much has changed from the start of this series, but I’m not angry for a second about this progress. This book shook me hard and in so many good ways. Just stellar.

Least Favorite Book this month: Apollyon was appalling. From the writing to how repetitive it was. The senseless death was disappointing. So much of this was pointless and unneeded.

More to come soon…


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