An Everlasting Love (Sisterhood Everlasting – A Book Review)

Sisterhood Everlasting (Sisterhood #5)

Author: Ann Brashares

Published: 2011

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Rated G for grief and gratitude for friends that go on living even after their gone.

Tibby, Lena, Bridget, and Carmen are all grown up and living their own lives. While they each have jobs and significant others that they love, each of them feels like something is missing. Something vital in their lives. Carmen is a rising actress in New York. Lena teaches art in Rhode Island though her mind and heart still wander off to Kostos. Bridget and Eric are finally living together, but she still struggles to settle in. Nobody has heard from Tibby in a while. But, when she writes to them and suggests getting together in Greece, all of them jump at the chance to reunite.

Unexpected news and discoveries out of this reunion change their lives forever. Though the pants they shared so long ago are long gone, their sisterhood is everlasting.

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The girls come back together, this time they’re grown up and taking on the world. They were reuniting for the first time in a long while but the loss of one of their own, Tibby, left them feeling more lost than ever before. How were they supposed to go on? What did this mean for the rest of their lives? Struggling through their grief, Lena, Bridget, and Carmen re-examine their lives with the help of letters that Tibby left behind.

Tissues. I needed so many while reading this. There was a lot of ugly crying. Losing a friend is one of the many things you never learn how to handle. I wasn’t prepared for this. Still, in her subtle and loving way, Brashares managed life lessons. This book held the hard ones. The really hard ones. From moving on from grief to realizing that there is a point when you do run out of time waiting on something to dealing with unexpected news.

Tibby never left anything to chance and the same was the case now. Even though she wasn’t physically with her friends any longer, she didn’t leave them alone to wallow. It was beautiful and intimate and totally Tibby. She’s ever confrontational and never one to shy away from the truth.

Eloquent and passionate. Brashares took her series to the very end with such love. It was as rich with life and lessons as every book previous in the series. Each arc was groundbreaking in their respective ways. The writing was heartfelt and emotional for each character. The way each of them handled grief was very personal.

Each journey the ladies took came full circle for each of them. I felt nervous yet proud of all of them. Carmen was preparing to get married, Lena was getting ready to address the elephant in her heart, and Bridget was confronted with life-altering news. Through all of it, these girls made questionable decisions and mistakes and it was so incredibly human. So real. I could get all riled up about how much of it pissed me off but it didn’t. Carmen was engaged to a man her younger self would’ve tossed over a bridge. Lena’s heart retreated to even darker depths. Bridget’s wild ways came to the surface revealing she may be manic-depressive. All of these things are so natural with lessons that only life can teach.


Such a beautiful and moving book. The perfect end of something that doesn’t end. A truth about friendship that grows over time and distance. Such a beautiful ending to a series though filled with heartache as well. The story of life and love itself.


“Growing up is hard on a friendship. There’s no revelation in that.” (prologue)

“Some people said the first month was the worst. Others said it was really the three months, Grief was like a newborn, and the first three months were hard as hell, but by six months you’d recognized defeat, shifted your life around, and made room for it.” (p.139)

“Happiness takes as much practice and unhappiness does. IT’s by living that you live more.” (Tibby, p. 276)

“Hey. It’s someday.” (Kostos to Lena, p. 336)

“But I know this. We’re ready to move forward again in our way. Together or apart, no matter how far apart, we live in on another. We go on together.” (Carmen, p. 349)

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