Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book lovers!

I hope you guys are doing well. I’ve got a couple of lines from some books that have influenced me and thought I would share. This is a favorite post of mine because this gives you a peek at the moments that keeps me hanging onto a book. sometimes the lines are insightful or maybe they just had me laughing or turned me into an emotional dumpster fire.

I also enjoy keeping this short. I know you guys have a life and are busy. Ditto. So, in a quick fashion, here we go.

This time, it wasn’t that these books got me caught up in my feels or thoughts. These lines came from books that I genuinely didn’t enjoy. That, from my POV, were dreadful. Dreadfully drawn out, written, and told. Book that made me wonder how they got published. Still, there were sparks of determination and/or loyalty that pushed me to finish them. It’s lines like these that remind me that a book can go either way and that sometimes they are unfortunate. Not all books are outstanding works. It happens and that can be why they stand out.

“Do you know why the heart lays claim? Survival. That heart lays its claim to ensure its own survival of its kind.” (Pure, Jennifer L. Armetrout)

Nope. This wasn’t a half-bad line, but the more I look at it the more I’m finding myself confused. This pushed way too hard to seem important and dire. As if, the heart is a creature unto itself. Survival? Okay, not just a creature but a wild creature. This just was too far out there for this story. Just couldn’t do it. Like, I get it, but uhhh, I don’t feel like it’s working how JLA hoped.

“It seemed the most important decisions I made were the ones where I decided to do nothing.” (Bound to You, Christopher Pike)

Go figure. This book wasn’t memorable, I know that. It had been a struggle because it seemed to press the envelope of silly, cheesy, and crack. There wasn’t enough to get me invested. I couldn’t wrap my head around it because of lines like this. Though there were great lines, everything around them were mush. There wasn’t a steady drive and that was a bummer. That’s why this line stuck out the most. It just seemed like this is what happened throughout the book. Nothing. Sad.

More to come soon…


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