The Sundown Rundown – July 2022

Hey there, book mongers!

July has been a strange month. Though it feels like it’s sped by pretty fast it’s also felt slower than a snail. The month has been pretty productive, however. I’m stoked about that. Still, I wish I could’ve gotten a book tag in. That’s the only bummer. Oh well. August is coming and I have a few working ideas. So, we’ll see.

I hope that at this very moment you’re enjoying being off of work and relaxing while enjoying the last slice of sunshine of the day. For me, the fireflies are out and the last bits of light are creeping over my hill. It’s the best time of day. It’s why I like doing my wrap-up during sunset verging on twilight. It’s the end of the day and you can just enjoy it. So, while you enjoy it and are peeking through the things you may have missed today, take a scroll to catch up on any reviews you may have missed this month. Stay swanky, book humes. I’ll see you in August.

Neon Gods

Author: Katee Roberts


Persephone just wants a life of her own, but when her mother lets Zeus lay claim for Persephone to be his next wife, that life is jeopardized. She’ll do whatever it takes to be free, even turn to the God of the Dead, Hades with a tempting offer.

Chill Factor

Author: Rachel Caine


Joann “Jo” faces dark circumstances when she’s forced to confront a part of her past and fight to save her lover, David, a Djinn from turning into an ifrit. She’s really starting to think about a new job.

Beautiful Sacrifice

Author: Jamie McGuire

Jamie McGuire

Falyn can walk away from anything, but can she walk away from Taylor Maddox? Her heart and her past are a-flutter within and she’s got some difficult choices to make.

The Queen of Nothing

Author: Holly Black


A queen in exile, Jude will do th unthinkable to return to Elfhame before war breaks across the land. But the tricks and riddles keep coming and the throne is threatened when a curse comes for Cardan that may require a sacrifice the two of them might not be willing to make.

A Touch of Darkness

Author: Scarlet St. Clair


Persephone, barely a goddess, just wants to live her life. Hades throws that out of balance when he challenges her to create life in the Underworld. Unexpected tension and thrills are abound as they grow closer and her normal life becomes anything but.

Favorite Book The Month: Hands down, you can’t win this argument, A Touch of Darkness was outstanding and still pulls me into La La Land. Absolutely incredible. Great growth and stellar writing that doesn’t let you go. The intense relationship building between Persephone and Hades is intoxicating and delicious.

Least Favorite Book This Month: Beautiful Sacrifice. Here’s the catch. I enjoyed it. It was romanced adrenaline on crack and the drama was intense. It fell to my least favorite because of one of the main character’s actions and because there was just not enough backstory. A little more focus to the backstory and maybe it wouldn’t have made it here. Sometimes it’s important to know a little more to gain more understanding about the characters.

More to come soon…


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