The Scarlet Playlist – July 11, 2022

Hey there, book mongers!

Happy Monday! I hope you guys are having a good start to your week. If not then maybe some tunes could help brighten it or even get you out of your head for a while. I originally created this post to connect with you guys through music and sharing some of my tastes I also love a reading playlist. It can enhance whatever book you’re reading, and immerse you in it even more. But hey, if you don’t want it as a reading playlist there are a million other ways to listen. Workout to it, dance to it, or hell, turn it up when you’re trying to ignore that one annoying person.

1. Take It On The Run – REO Speedwagon (Total classic.)

2. I’m Alive – Celine Dion

3. Leaving on a Jet Plane – Chantel Kreviazuk

4. Just Died in Your Arms Tonight – Cutting Crew

5. Ride – Twenty-One Pilots (Just let it flow.)

6. All These Things That I Have Done – The Killers (I’ve got ham but I’m not a hamster…if you know you know.)

7. Hold On – Wilson Phillips

8. Cool – Gwen Stefani

9. Every Breath You Take – The Police

10. How Will I Know – Whitney Houston (Definitely a dance to be had.)

11. That’s the Way It Is – Celine Dion

12. Beautiful Ones – Suede

This one was inspired by a vibe of lively-ness and the 80s bridging 90s. Just getting that bop that you can chill to. Then again, maybe it’s just me. Stay swanky, book humes.

More to come soon…


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