Crossing That Bridge (Neon Gods – A Book Review)

Neon Gods (Dark Olympus #1)

Author: Katee Roberts

Published: 2021

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My Rating:

Rated S for sinful bargains and startling awakenings that lead to quite the sensual adventure.

He was supposed to be a myth…

Persephone Dimitriou, society’s darling of the mega-city of Olympus is ready to get out and be on her own away from the manipulative and exploitative city. That all changes when Zeus announces that the two are engaged to be wed. This is the first time she’s heard of that. More so, she knows what happens to Zeus’s wives.

Persephone doesn’t think, she just runs. When she ends up in the Lower City, she realizes it may be the safest place for her. Neither her mother nor Zeus are thrilled to learn where she is and even less so when it’s discovered that she’s with Hades, a man she believed a myth. Striking a deal with him, she gets more than she bargained for. While she just needed time until she could get away from the city, he was seeking revenge. Both are in for quite the awakening.

I love mythos and I believe it takes quite an eye to spin tales from them. Roberts took a plunge into a dark and absolutely delicious erotic tale. Hades and Persephone are one of the oldest mythos and Roberts took a unique twist. It’s almost dystopian meets noir gangster. I’m excited to have been able to happen across this book. Fast-paced and unexpected, this was a wild read. Basically, Fifty Shades meets Greek Mythology. Not bad.


Hades and Persephone. Legendary coupling. Granted mythos touched on Stockholm Syndrome…yet, I feel like this is up in the air. At least I always thought so. This book played with that, too. With steamy chemistry and bold personalities, these two had me go crazy. They’re absolutely hot and reading this spin on them was fun. Between the two, Persephone surprised me the most. Roberts didn’t let her fall into innocence and went in the opposite direction. She was taking no bullshit from anybody. I fecking loved it. She was already rebellious, but Hades helped to encourage her devious side and didn’t let her ride that wave by herself.

The backstory of each of the characters is quite intriguing and not limited to just Persephone and Hades. Eurydice, Psyche, Callisto, and even Dionysus, and Hermes had threads of background that really set up the world of Dark Olympus. The other glimpses of the city like the greenhouse and market were quite a tease, I’ll say that. I do hope the other books in the series give more to the imagination. Still, the characters each carried a strong and individual personality. I really loved it.


The physical aspects of the book? Attractive and alluring, without a doubt. That’s actually what caught my attention first. I didn’t know what this was about and had never heard of it. I also didn’t care that this was advertised through TikTok. I don’t use the app or have much interest in it. I know I know, Shame shame shame. Meh. Oh well. Still, the cover is vibrant and definitely gives that feel of dark desire and a curiosity that needs to be fed.

Where there were positives, there were also negatives. There was more than one occasion when I frowned because the detail of people was incredibly lacking. The wording to attempt to describe their skin color came off really awkward and since that was usually all that seemed to be mentioned, it still didn’t create much of an image. And the way gods used basic human weapons? Uhhhh…you’re a god! Use some godly powers or a godly weapon! Knives and guns are so trivial when you’re a god, so it was really weird to see them relied on.


A great and fun read. Sure, it doesn’t cross that line as memorable, but I’m glad I read it. This was exhilarating and flashy. Definitely give it a read. It’ll spark that erotic bone for sure, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I look forward to reading the next one.


“…who drinks wine after whiskey? Villains, that’s who.” (Hades, p. 56)

“Vulnerability is an invitation to be cut down and taken apart piece by piece.” (p. 122)

“I’m your anchor. Remember that.” (Hades to Persephone, p. 168)

“They see their golden princess fallen. Their dark goddess rising in her place.” (Hades to Persephone, p. 364)

More to come soon…                                                                                               


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