The Scarlet Playlist – July 4, 2022

Hey there, book travelers!

Okay, so I don’t like bringing serious life issues into this blog. So, what I will say is that this playlist really hits a personal spot with everything that is going on around me.

Now, for those of you new to the Scarlet Playlist, I created this post on the basis that I love a reading playlist. They really amplify a reading experience. But you don’t have to make this a reading playlist. Listen to this however you see fit. You need uplifted or inspired or just related to. A workout playlist, car karaoke playlist on the way to work? Epic. I compiled it for you, so enjoy.

1. Let Me Down – Kelly Clarkson

2. You Can’t Win – Kelly Clarkson (For fecking real though.)

3. Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

4. Born This Way – Lady Gaga (Absolutely nothing can change that.)

5. Heroes – David Bowie

6. Fighter – Gym Class Heroes (A reminder to stay strong even in the darkest moments.)

7. Safe & Sound – Taylor Swift

8. Shut Your Mouth – Garbage

10. Nightmare – Halsey (After the most recent event of Roe v. Wade, le-fecking-git.)

11. We’re Not Gonna Take It – Twisted Sister

12. Talkin’ Bout a Revolution- Tracy Chapman

More to Come Soon…


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