Midnight Tease – July 2022

Hey there, book wanderers!

Holy cow. You are up late…but then again, so am I. I can’t help it. I live for the night. You? Maybe you just wanted that midnight snack? Or, you just want to finish that last chapter? LOL. Talk about relatable. Well, since you are up, go ahead and take a scroll to see what’s coming up this month on the TBR! I’m pretty stoked. From major reads to ones that are long overdue to thrilling and steamy reads to reads that just needs completed. There’s quite a slew. What are you reading this month?

Coming Soon…

Ruin and Rising
Author: Leigh Bardugo

So, the first one wasn’t very exciting until about the second half. And I’m very disappointed that the Netflix series demolished that half by the way. Fecking horrid. Anyway…I do look forward to this one and hope it takes the story up a notch.

Forever in Blue
Author: Ann Brashares

Now that the girls are in college, I can’t wait to see what challenges await them.

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Jennifer L. Armentrout

The end is in sight.


The Tommyknockers
Author: Stephen King

(Holy hell, it’s like Moby Dick but with aliens…)

The Stand
Author: Stephen King

Want a realistic end of the world. good vs evil? Here you go.

A Touch of Malice
Author: Scarlet St. Clair
Barnes & Noble

Only just a touch…smh. But, Hades and Persephone…ugh, give me more.

Author: Rachel Caine

No one said saving the world was easy, especially the world was trying to of everybody.

Up For Review…

Beautiful Sacrifice
Author: Jamie McGuire
Jamie McGuire
The Queen of Nothing
Author: Holly Black
A Tough of Darkness
Author Scarlet St. Clair
The Host
Author: Stephanie Meyer

More to come soon…


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