The Sundown Rundown – June 2022

Hey there, book demolishers!

The end of June has come. I don’t know about you, but it’s been a busy month for me. Between here and getting my summer-time on, sleep doesn’t exist. LOL. But, as the sun sets on June and on the day, I’m taking this moment to relax and smell the roses-though since I hate roses, I’m just watching the sunset. The fireflies are beginning to peek out. That has to be my favorite part of summer. Just sitting and enjoying the twilight. It’s warm and the breeze is soft and every sound collides in just the right way the I feel utterly content. What’s a part of summer that you love? The small bit that sends a peaceful current through you and gets you to pause for that moment?

Since we’re at the end of the month, I’ve got the wrap-up for you. It’s a little shorter than expected, but I’m still pretty happy about it. Also, don’t forget to check the summer book lists: YA, Fiction, and Non-Fiction and see what books you should add to your summer reading!

In Every Generation

Author: Kendare Blake


A new Slayer rises and so do new big bads.

The Second Summer of the Sisterhood

Author: Ann Brashares

Round Table Books

The pants’ magic is a must in this installment. Daughters and moms collide and secrets bubble to the surface and change all of them.

Girls in Pants

Author: Ann Brashares

Open Library

The last summer before college. Lena, Bridget, Tibby, and Carmen have decisions to make and journeys that mark a big step in growing up.

I couldn’t pick one I liked the least this month. I just couldn’t! All three were remarkable and incredible.

More to come soon…


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