The Summer Book List – Fiction Edition 2022

Hey there, book addicts!

I hope you’re summer kicked off splendidly. To add to it, I’ve got the fiction edition to the summer reading list! I think this is my favorite this year out of the three I’m doing. Some of these I’ve read already and some I’m super stoked about. From historical romance to modern mythos to humor, I tried to make sure there’d be a little something for everybody. Take a scroll to check out the selection, and stay swanky, book humes.

Hades x Persephone Series

Author: Scarlet St. Clair

LV’s Global Media

By title only, Persephone is the Goddess of Spring. Freshly moved to New Athens, she works toward her goal of becoming an investigative journalist. Her big break comes when she encounters Hades, the God of the Dead and she ends up in a contract with him. Create life in the Underworld, or be stuck there. Trouble is, Persephone can’t grow anything. When she tries to, the plant dies. As time goes on, the contract does more than solidify her belief to be a failed goddess, though love for the God of the Dead grows.

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Bridgertons Series

Author: Julia Quinn


Blast through this historical romance series and experience the regency and elegance of the victorian age as each of the eight Brigderton children finds love. Also, inspired the mega-hit show on Netflix.

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One Italian Summer

Author: Rebecca Serle

Simon & Schustter

Katy’s life is thrown off-kilter when her mother dies. The woman wasn’t only her mother but her best friend. To make it worse, their trip of a life time to Italy is in just two weeks. It was going to be the trip of a lifetime. She just didn’t think she’d be going alone. What she didn’t expect was the sudden reconnection she felt to her mother who’d gone to Italy the summer before meeting her father. She especially didn’t expect to meet her mother–somehow, some way and impossibly–in her thirties when she was Carol and not yet mom. Katy doesn’t let this miracle to be with he rmom again go to waste, but what she discovers about her is shocking and not at all what she thought.

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The Button Box Trilogy

Author: Stephen King & Richard Chizmar

Grimoire of Horror

In the little town of Castle Rock, Gwendy is gifted a box from a stranger and her actions with the box may or may not lead to consequences. And, when she thought it would be over, it was far from it. With more tasks complicating her life, Gwendy is pushed to her limits.

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Acts of Violet

Author: Margarita Montimore


Violet was a great magician. Nearly a decade ago, she performed her greatest act that still has the public in love with her. She disappeared in tmid-air. Vanished. Poof.

While her sister, Sasha, has been running their mother’s salon and trying to raise her daughter in peace, Cameron, a podcastter has been trying to catch a big break and get an interview with her in hopes of getting her to reveal secrets. But, as the ten year anniversary draws near, Sasha begins sleepwalking and experienceing strange coincidences. While avoiding Cameron, she must confront some dark truths surrounding Violet, even at the risk of losing everything.

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Under The Bayou Moon

Author: Luesse


Ellie Fields needed a change of pace so she took up a teaching position in the deep bayou country of Louisiana. The folks of Bernadette are naturally suspicious of outsiders but they take to Ellie quickly. There is a fair share of those that oppose her as well. As she adjusts to her new life, she meets born and bred, Cajun fisherman, Raphe. Right as sparks fly, a huge bounty for the rare albino alligator in the area is set off as well as a shocking turn of events.

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The Murmur of Bees

Author: Sofia Segovia, Simon Bruni


The life of a small Mexican town was changed forever the day Nana Reja found an abandoned baby under a bridge. Disfigured and blanketed in bees, Simonopio is thought to be cursed. But Fransisco and Beatriz Morales took Simon in and adopted him. They know he is truly a gift. Whenever he closes his eyes he sees what’s yet to come both good and dangerous. Set during the Influenza of 1918.

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