Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book addicts!

This is the Speedy Quote Sunday and in a speedy fashion so as not to take up all of your time I’ll share a couple of favorite lines from books I’ve read and enjoyed. I really enjoy getting to share these because it’s fun and I get to share something that can be meaningful. So, here we go.

“Intolerable pretty much sums up a lot of human existence.” (Lore, Alexandra Bracken)

I feel like this really reach down to the people that hate being around people. Add suffering and it’s a full recipe. LOL.

“Balance was great in theory. Not so great when you were having to make choices that would inevitably cost lives.” (Heat Wave, Rachel Caine)

As someone that values balance and is indecisive, this one hit me in the core. Because as much as one wants to keep balance and choose right, there’s always something to lose. And it fecking sucks.

More to come soon…


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