The Scarlet Playlist – June 6, 2022

Hey there, book nerds!

Happy Monday! I hope you guys are doing well. If this is your first time here, this is a favorite post of mine. I enjoy getting to create and share reading playlists. Though if you don’t want this as a reading playlist that’s cool. You can make this a daydreaming playlist if you want or a road trip one. Whatever you want. I compiled it just for you.

This playlist came about with that first song and the idea of allowing myself to get lost in a vibe that could allow my emotions to flow freely. I’m unsure of how much sense that makes, but it’s like, finally letting myself let go in this wispy dreamy vibe that just reaches inside and squeeze that spot in my chest cavity.

1. epiphany – taylor swift (One of those ones that really pinpricks the heart where the tough feels are.)

2. Imaginary Number – GOWNS

3. Believe – Correatown

4. Vapour – Vancouver Sleep Clinic

5. If I Lost You – Shiny Toy Guns (Definitely the one to toss up this playlist with its interesting twist.)

6. Imagination – Shawn Mendez

7. Aquamarine – Heather Nova

8. Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey

9. Faux – Novo Amor & Ed Tullet

10. Angel – Amanda Perez

11. Turn Right – Jona Brothers (Never forget there are people there for you.)

12. Goodbye – The Pretenders

More to come soon…


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