The Summer Book List 2022 – YA Edition

Hey there, book cult!

Summer is here and with it comes the summer book lists! There are so many books to read and summer just isn’t long enough to get through them all. With a combination of books I have read and ones that are so promising, I’m excited to share this one.

So, starting off the summer book lists, I’ve got the YA list. My favorite. I love many genres and am always open to trying out each of them, but this is where my heart is. From friendship to fantasy to romance to zombies. There’s a bit of everything. Take a scroll and you might just find something for your summer TBR.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Author: Ann Brashares

Four girls. One pair of pants. One incredible friendships. Many summers tethering them together. Always.

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Strange the Dreamer

Author: Laini Taylor

In a world where the dream chooses the dreamer, Lalzo Strange is sure his chose wrong. He feels nowhere near brave enough to search for the lost city. Weep. But, when presented with the perfect chance to chase the dream with a group of warriors, he doesn’t waste it.

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Rot and Ruin Series

Author: Jonathan Maberry

In post-apocalyptic America, when you turn fifteen you must contribute with a job or your rations get cut. Benny is left with little choice but to follow his brother, Tom, a zombie hunter.

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The Folk of the Air Trilogy

Author: Holly Black


Jude and her twin were whisked away to Elfhame after the murder her of their parents and raised by their fae father. Jude has always wanted power and she’ll do whatever it takes to get it, even manipulate the cruel Prince Cardan. Their hatred for each other is brighter than any flame. But you know what they say about the thin line between love and hate.

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Author: V. E. Schwab


A journal spiraling into madness and a letter calling her home to Gallant, Olivia discovers that though she’s never been, she loves it, even the oddities that fill it. She’s always wanted to belong and as she discovers the secrets of Gallant and beyond there are questions and decisions to answer to for herself and Gallant.

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Dark and Shallow Lies

Author: Ginny Myers Sain


La Cachette is the most psychic town in America, at least to those who know. When Grey’s best friend, Elora, disappears, she comes home not only to reunite with her friends but to find her best friend. But there are deep dark secrets out in the bayou and when a mysterious stranger appears from the bayou, Grey comes to learn just how dangerous some secrets are.

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Some Kind of Happiness

Author: Claire Legrand


Sent to her grandparents’ house for the summer. Grandparents she’s never met. Her only escape is Everwood, the magical kingdom within the pages of her notebook. But out in the woods behind the house, Finley discovers that Everwood is very real.

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More to come soon…


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