Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book clan!

Happy Sunday! I hope you are all doing just swanky. I know for some this is the end of the weekend while for others it’s the beginning of a new week. For anybody new to this post, this is the Speedy Quote Sunday where I share a couple of lines from books I’ve (possibly) enjoyed reading and have made an impact on me, and I be sure to make it speedy since humans are quite the busy bees. No need to make it super long. LOL. Whether it’s heartfelt, deep, dark, or just ones that fill me with gut-busting laughter. Also, you could be convinced to put these books on your own TBR, and that’d be rad. So, take a scroll.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re ready. Nothing ever stops you, Jo. Nothing ever has. I need you because you’re the only person I’ve ever known who’s completely incapable of losing a fight.” (Heat Stroke, Rachel Caine)

One of my favorite ones because while it doesn’t carry the heavy weight that reliability or inspiration can, it does hold a lot of attitude and I love that just as much. It gets the voice to sound so clear in my head and that puts me in one of my utmost happy places.

“I don’t tell him that that’s how it always begins: in selfishness, in ambition, in lust or depression. That love starts out as something you want to bite into and ends as something that swallows you up.” (What Big Teeth, Rose Szabo)

Raw and intense. And quite poetic. Resonated in an abyss in me and I kind of hope this is what I feel when I fall in love. One day.

More to come soon…


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