The Scarlet Playlist – May 16, 2022

Hey there, book monsters!

Happy Monday! I hope you guys have had a good start to your week. To add to it, I’ve got the playlist of the week. Maybe you recognize a few of these, there may even be a few you haven’t heard in a long while, and maybe there are some new ones you’ll add to your own library. Whatever the case, I compiled this for you.

As summer nears, I grow more excited. Longer days with star-filled nights. The sound of crickets. The smell of flora on the wind. This week’s playlist really captured my giddy feels and vibes for it. The light as air heart that comes with the warm breeze and how it seems like time expands to make this season feel longer and shorter at the same time.

1. Everything’s Magic – Angels & Airwaves

2. Fire For You – Cannons (The throbbing music and those alluring lyrics. Just going to press the repeat button.)

3. Slow Dance – AJ Mitchell ft. Ava Max

4. Street Lightning – The Summer Set

5. Break My Heart – Hey Violet

6. One Call Away – Charlie Puth

7. I Can’t Get Enough of You – Smash Mouth (Throwback!)

8. Alienation – Morning Parade

9. Only Girl (In the World) – Rihanna

10. Punching in a Deam – The Naked and Famous

11. Shine – Years & Years (This one is addictive.)

12. one foot – WALK THE MOON

More to come soon…


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