Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book lovers!

I hope you guys are doing well. This is the Speedy Quote Sunday. Just as the title suggests, I going to share a couple of quotes from books I’ve read and (possibly) enjoyed in a speedy fashion so as not to take up too much of your day. Getting to share good lines allows me to share a personal part of myself and maybe even get you to add the book to your own TBR.

This time around I was really feeling a couple of time stoppers. Those moments that freeze for a few frames and then everything speeds up back to normal.

“I can steal all the time in the world, but right now is all that we’ve ever had.” (The Serpent’s Curse, Lisa Maxwell)

What a dream it could be to steal time.

“I wish I could think like that. Sometimes I get lost in the moment and I just want everyone to know exactly what I think. It’s like starting a fire, but then I take stock of everything that’s going to burn down around me and wish I’d reacted differently.” (We Were Restless Things, Cole Nagumatsu)

When I read this book I was in awe of how well Nagamatsu could articulate thoughts that feel as if only you could be thinking them but most likely are so common. It was so amazing.

More to come soon…


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