Midnight Tease – May 2022

Hey there, book nerds!

It’s MAY!!! A pretty popular month. It’s that time of year that sits on the edge of summer. It’s certainly one of my favorite months. The weather is getting warmer and the greenery is coming in on the trees. I can’t say that I have much going on this month though. Actually, I am getting a massive yard sale in order. I have so much spring cleaning to get rid of. LOL. That’s been taking up a lot of time aside from being in the bakery. Who knows, maybe I’ll share a few photos of some delicious treat for ya’ll sometime soon.

Outside of that, I typically play things by ear, but I am happy to share that there are a lot of series I’m putting some work into this month and that puts me in my happy place. I definitely need to take a Dune break this month, however. That, like The Dark Tower, is a heavy series to take in. I am in the midst of rereading few favorites as well: The Arcana Chronicles, which the final book is supposed to be released this year, Blood and Chocolate, and The Summer I Turned Pretty. There’s a major comfort in those last two. B & C especially. It’s the one I read every summer. We all have that one.

Anywho, if you’re up this late you must be a night oowl like me. And if you’ve gotten this far then go ahead and take a scroll too see what I’m tackling this month on the TBR.

Coming Soon…

The Queen of Nothing
Author: Holly Black

Being nearly finished with TWK, I’m incredibly excited and nervous to start the final part of this trilogy. It’s gorgeous and breathtaking. Even more, it’s addictive!

Beautiful Sacrifice
Author: Jamie McGuire
Jamie McGuire

It’s high time I get back into this juicy series. High. Time. I can’t wait. This is a guilty pleasure that gets my toes curling.


Chill Factor
Author: Rachel Caine

The Second Summer of the Sisterhood & Girls in Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood
Author: Ann Brashares
Neon Gods
Author: Katee Roberts

Up For Review….

Children of Dune
Author: Frank Herbert
Sons of Anarchy: Bratva
Author: Christopher Golden
The Wicked King
Author: Holly Black

What are you reading this month? I love hearing about new possible reads to add to my never-ended book mountain.

More to come soon…


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