The Scarlet Playlist – May 2, 2022

Hey there, book deviants!

Happy Monday! And also, I’m so sorry for how late this is. Hehe. Monday got away from me. Hell, I forgot it was Monday. My bad, guys. But! I’ve still got the playlist of the week for you. I’ve also got a list longer than the Appalachian Trail of new songs, music, and artists to listen to and I can’t wait to share.

Though most of Monday is over, you can still bop, headbang, sing, or even randomly dance in the line to pay for gas with this playlist. I was feeling rather jazzy and snazzy with a side of influential. There’s even a little bit to daydream to. Maybe you’ll recognize a few and maybe some are new and you may decide to add them to your own music library. Whatever the case, I compiled this for you guys.

1. Ghost – Ella Henderson (Damn straight I sing this one, and horribly because those are some powerful notes.)

2. Naturally – Selena Gomez (Still one of my top 3 by her.)

3. Rain On Me – Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande

4. Crazy – Kat Dahlia

5. I Follow Rivers – Lykke Li

6. When Love Hurts – Jojo (I will never not love her. But…I do need to see if she’s had recent releases…)

7. Bartender – Lady Antebellum (On a Monday? YES!)

8. Stranded – Plumb

9. Long Shot – Kelly Clarkson

10. Free – Plumb

11. I’m Not Missing You – Stacy Orrico

12. Imperfection – Saving Jane

More to come soon…


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