Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book cult!

I hope your Sunday is swanky. Mine isn’t too shabby. I definitely took the opportunity to sleep and it was divine. If you’re here then you’re ready to take a scroll to peek at some lines from books I’ve read that really got to me. Whether it’s because of how it touched me emotionally, pressed my thinking button, made me contemplate life, or just outright had me busting a gut laughing, these lines helped make the book memoraable. And, I did have a bit of a theme this time around. I enjoy splurging my time on Jamie McGuire’s books so this post is for her. She has a way of putting thrills into her romance and pushing them to a heatetd brink. A total guilty pleasure.

“You can love someone without wanting to be with them. Just like you can want to be with someone before you love them.” (Beautiful Redemption, Jamie McGuire)

I love how honest and borderline brutal this line is. There is no law nor sermon that demands soomebody has to fall so hard in love they break a bone or that when and if they do love somebody do they need to be with them. There is plenty of time to be in love and there is no specific right path to take with it. It’s a winding trail/road/path/whatever you follow all your life. There’s no end. And there are many stops and turns to take along the way.

“Pain…Love. Can’t really have one without the other.” (All the Little Lights, Jamie McGuire)

On. The. Nose. Or so I’ve witnessed firsthand. It’s scary but so worth it.

More to come soon…


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