The Scarlet Reader – Mar. 21, 2022

Hey there, book nerds!

Happy Monday! And if it’s not I hope it gets better. To help perk it up, I’ve got the playlist of the week for you. While I love having a reading playlist, you can listen to this however you want. Make it a workout playlist or listen to it while walking the dog. Whatever you want. I compiled this for you.

I felt spunky with this playlist. A throwback here and there and definitely fun. Get your dance on and feel free to sing along, I certainly am.

1. Pretty – Astrid S & Dagny (Such a great duet.)

2. (You Drive Me) Crazy – Brittney Spears (Throwback!)

3. Love Drunk – Boys Like Girls

4. Just the Girl – The Click Five

5. Jealous – Nick Jonas (I’ll be damned if this one doesn’t still get me melting.)

6. Come Clean – Hilary Duff

7. Crush – Jennifer Paige

8. Intuition – Jewel

9. Fire N Gold – Bea Miller

10. It’s My Life – No Doubt

11. I’m Real – JLO

12. Black Magic – Litte Mix

More to come soon…


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