The Sundown Rundown – February 2022

Hey there, book lovers!

Wow, February is over. Thank the gods. It’s not entirely my favorite month out of the year. While it is the shortest it feels like the most tiring and stressful. I’m ready to shake it off. And since the sun is setting on this month that also means I’m wrapping up the month. Below you can check out reviews you may have missed. So, grab a celebratory glass of wine (or tea if you’re not a sipper) because you made it through the month, and take a scroll.

Whiskey Words & a Shovel

Author: R. H. Sin


The third volume in a collection that tackles and encourages the emotions of opening one’s heart but also the gut-wrenching destruction of heartache.

The Serpent’s Curse

Author: Lisa Maxwell


Esta and Harte struggle more now than ever as they work to retrieve special, magical artifacts that may save not only history but the world. The Order isn’t the only ones standing in their way but dangerous gods determined to destroy each other and anything else in their way.


Author: Frank Herbert


The planet Arrakis, a desolate desert-scape, becomes the center point of a war over a drug that can heighten the conscious mind and elongate life. The house Atreides is caught in the midst of it all, and it’s Paul who must carry it on after his father is murdered. Slowly, like trekking across the planet’s desert, he moves toward a terrifying destiny.

Favorite Book this Month: The Serpent’s Curse is one I was so excited to read and it didn’t disappoint. My Esta/Harte-Estarte heart was filled and oozing as I was on the edge of my seat with this one.

Least Favorite Book this Month: Whiskey Words & a Shovel just didn’t live up to its previous volumes. I was severely disappointed by how much it felt like a lash-out and rant.

More to come soon…


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