The Sundown Rundown – January 2022

Hey there, book lovers!

It’s been 84 years and it’s finally the end of January. LOL. I kid, but seriously, it’s felt like it. The days are finally starting to get longer. I am super excited that in approximately 6 weeks, we get to spring forward and this dark winter will be over. Winter, as I’ve complained about endlessly, is not my jam.

Now, I don’t know about you, but currently, I’m relaxing, not long after getting home from work and enjoying a steaming cup of tea-wild sweet orange to be exact and enjoying Dune. I’ve got the end of the month wrap-up for you. So, while I continue through the deserts of Arrakis take a scroll to catch up on any reviews you may have missed for January.


Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout


Sentinels hunt daemons. A sentinel is all that Alex has been training for. After her mother is murdered by a group of them, she wants it even more. Getting there isn’t easy, not when so many want her to fail. That all changes when a dark secret comes to light about Alex, a secret that not even she knew about herself. As big plans fall into place, Alex must be careful with her next moves. The lives of those she cares about most depend on it.

Snow Falling

Author: Jane Gloriana-Villanueva & Caridad PiƱeiro


Jane the Virgin gives fans the actual book written by Jane herself. A historical and flushed in romance that mirrors Jane’s life but holds quite a few surprises.

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

Author: Paige McKenzie


One girl must figure out who or what is haunting her house and how it’s connected to her. Her mother’s life depends on it.


Author: Alexandra Bracken


Every seven years, a deadly contest is held. The prime nine gods who rebelled against Zeus were thrown to earth. Hunted by the descendants of the ancient houses, whoever kills a god gets their power. Now, one young woman will be dragged back into the hunt by the last remaining god, an old friend, and the promise of vengeance.

Favorite Book This Month: Lore was fecking amazing and I can’t recommend it or gush about it enough! IF I start here though, it’ll be paragraphs upon paragraphs. Check out the review though! Vengeance, curses, and betrayal!

Least Favorite Book This Month: The Haunting of Sunshine Girl just broke my heart of horror with how childish it came off. I was extra disappointed and holding out that the sequel will be better.

More to come soon…


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