The Dramatic Whimsy and Whisking Away of…Well, You Know(Snow Falling – A Book Review)

Snow Falling

Author: Jane Gloriana-Villanueva (Caridad Piñeiro)

Published: 2017

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Rated D for dramatic yet daring characters in the midst of a crazy whirlwind romance.

Knowing what would happen—the heartbreak, the tears, the love, the hope, the betrayal, the heartbreak (yes, it was always the heartbreak)—would she do it over? And she knew the answer was yes because of how it all ended.

Set in historical Miami, 1902, Josephine Galena Valencia has her life all planned out. Become a tutor, marry her true love, Martin Cadden, and live happily ever after. Those plans are jeopardized when somebody from her past re-emerges. The dashing Rake, who also happens to be the owner of the hotel she currently works at.

As Josephine is whisked away by his persuasive and charming ways, she is forced to rethink her future, especially after her life takes a sharp and unexpected turn. With new struggles along with the old, Jane must figure out who she will give her heart to: Martine or Rake? She’ll have to choose carefully, her future depends on it.

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If you ever wanted to read Jane’s book from Jane the Virgin, here it is! Getting to experience Jane’s story, her pride and joy, was splendid. Beautiful in writing style and imagery. This is a piece of the show fans can have and hold and enjoy and I love it when a TV show or movie delivers in-show goodies like this.


This is definitely for the Jane/Michael shippers. And yes, I’m definitely one of them. Don’t get me wrong now, I really like Rafael and Jane together, too, but Michael and Jane held that element of true love and since Jane the Virgin came to me as one of those epic, over-the-top, climactic, romantic soaps (as was intended), I fell hard for that true love trope and its purity. It was freaking beautiful! So, this book was a dream come true. Experiencing Jane and Michael’s love to a true and spectacular end.

Of course, that didn’t mean there weren’t the metaphorical speed bumps. Much like Jane’s life, Josephine was swept up in a love triangle. Her true love, Martin, and the baron that set her world on fire, Rake. Can’t forget the crime lord that resembles Sinestro who’s on the loose in the city either! So, this novel took after the show pretty closely. Still, I really enjoyed it.


Fast-paced and fun, I enjoyed getting into this book. Twists around every corner, and nostalgic. The smiles were endless for me, especially since the narrator of Jane’s life was also in the book. An iconic voice I can still hear so clearly. Though not very long to begin with, this was a pretty quick read for me.

Not only was the story beautiful, so was the cover as well. Even though the memory of the character who created it leaves me sour, it’s phenomenal how close to the show the book remained. Even the reviews on the back left feeling silly and giddy.


This one was a good time but mostly because I let it be and I loved Jane the Virgin. It wasn’t some grand epic, however. It was delightful and a grand rendition of some of the greatest moments of the show. Very eye-catching in that way.


“…as romantic and magical as snow might be, it couldn’t stand a chance against the heat of that kiss on a sultry Miami night. For this was the night that Josephine Galena Valencia’s life would change forever.” (p. 12)

“Women are often filled with surprises…” (Ronaldo, p. 161)

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