The Plot Twist Book List

Hey there, book lovers!

I hope you guys are doing well. January has been a bit frosty so far, but oddly sunny. Not complaining one bit about it. The less snow, the better.

I was wondering what book list I could come up with for this month that would be interesting and not overly repetitive of past ones. It’s been a mini-struggle, but after finishing my most current read, it came to me. It was almost like getting knocked a solid one by a sledgehammer. I pride myself on trying to think outside the box soo I can offer something new and intriguing. I’m sure the title gave it away perfectly. LOL.

So, maybe you’re wondering how it is I’m supposed to know that the following books have earned their place and are in fact endowed with an epic plot twist? Then again, maybe not.

I plucked these books from personal experience of how they’ve gotten me to exclaim aloud and attract unwanted attention, gotten me up off the couch and pacing around the living room, and even had my eyes bulging so much so that they almost fell from my skull. I know, pleasant visual, right? When a book takes a sharp turn, you hang on tightly. And who doesn’t love a book that dropkicks you like this? Nobody! LOL.


However, just because they do that for me, doesn’t mean they’ll get you all amped up like that. That’s another reason why I got excited to do this one. This leaves so much opportunity to hear from all of you and if you had similar experiences or have yet to read these ones. And who knows, maybe if it’s neither you’ll add these to your TBR.


Author: Alexandra Braken


Greek mythology propelled into the modern world. Battle still rages, but now it’s over which bloodline can kill the gods that were cursed to take part in a deadly contest after betraying Zeus. Kill one of the fallen gods, get their power and the goodies that come with it. What stunned me so much was how engrossed I became as this book pulled me in and shook me hard. Divine betrayal, battle, and love.

We Were Restless Things

Author: Cole Nagamatsu


If you’ve read my review then you’ve heard me ramble on and on about how Gaiman-esque this phenomenal and surprising this book is.

The Caraval Trilogy

Author: Stephanie Garber

I’ve only made it through the first two novels but those have left with that feeling of having spun around in circles and staring off at a wild kaleidoscope. I can’t wait to tackle the final book later this year and I’m especially impatient to see what Garber will write next. I am at the front of the line for her next big hit.

The Red Queen

Author: Victoria Aveyard

The Hollywood Reporter

It was only the first one of this quartet that seriously stunned me. I was already swept up in a devious and deadly monarchy of godly powered silvers. But, by the third one, I was hooked on the war that exploded across the pages.

The Wicked Trilogy

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Not in the realm of her typical YA, JLA Dotted this fae trilogy with a lot of perfectly timed head-spinning. I couldn’t get enough. She had me hanging on and would have these sparks of twists that just built on each other.

Books I haven’t read yet but will be. I hear their plot twists is to die for…

We Were Liars

Author: E. Lockhart


Life of Pi

Author: Yann Martel



Author: Caroline Kepnes


Fight Club

Author: Chuck Palahnuik



Author: Neal Schusterman


Have you read some of these? What book held the biggest plot twist that blew your mind right out of your ears?

More to come soon…


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