The Scarlet Playlist – Dec. 27, 2021

Hey there, book humes!

Happy Monday! The week is fresh and I’ve got the playlist of the week for you. The last playlist of the year! I got quite a thrill with this one, too. It reached in and ripped out my inner Linkin Park…man, I miss Chester. So, with a rocker/emo phase driving this week’s playlist, enjoy! For me, I’ve always found this genre to be empowering and to really get my emotions to bubble up. As a writer it’s really great for those pivotal action scenes or moments that forever change a character or the story. And even if this isn’t a playlist that inspires your writing bone, then maybe you’ll do as i do on occasion and get the playlist goign while reading. a reading playlist can really amplify a book, acting as an epic soundtrack. Hell, sometimes a playlist just punches you in the feels. However you feel about this, I compiled it for you. Stay awesome, humes.

1. The Strong – Eva Under Fire (Came across Eva Under Fire while flitting around Youtube and fell in love! Such a powerful message.)

2. Savior -Skillet

3. I am no a woman, I’m a god – Halsey (This album-period-EPIC. She is art.)

4. Broken – Seether ft. Amy Lee

5. Wake Me Up – Evanessence

6. Dear Agony – Breaking Benjamin

7. At My Best – Machine Gun Kelly ft. Hailey Steinfeld (Absolutely my favorite song by MGK. Really hit home about what I deserve in my life. Such a personal song.)

8. Anywhere – Evanessence

9. Live Like Legends – Ruelle

10. My Bones – The Pretty Reckless

11. One More Light – Linkin Park (I’ve cried to this one.)

12. Take My Hand – Simple Plan (When Simple Plan said, “Hey, let’s pause the punk and rock for a second.” YES.)

More to come soon…


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