Tying Up Loose Ends (BTVS: Omnibus Vol 7 – A Book Review)

BTVS: Omnibus Vol. 7

Author: Joss Whedon, Tom Fassbender, Jim Pascoe, and more…

Published: 2005

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Rated R for reunions that only endings can bring that is rivetingly emotional.

“Uhm…is this like a slayer intervention?”

The series comes to a close. this volume takes us through season 5 when Buffy had to handle the death of her mother and her sister’s volatile teenager phase. Then through to the end with season 6 and on the eve of season 7 when Buffy struggled with coming back from the death—again—and a lovelorn Spike. And of course, as with all ends, come unexpected reunions with old friends such as Angel, Faith, Oz, and even an older friend from before Sunnydale.

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What an epic conclusion! This one felt more action-packed than the ones before it. Old friends and old enemies with unfinished business filled these pages. It was exciting and so much fun. I love that BTVS is never afraid of a revisit. Sometimes monsters or people come swinging back into your life and BTVS really embraced that. As the end of BTVS the show neared, this volume really took on those small but important moments of it. I was truly hooked on this one and loved how far out it went in the Buffyverse and still remained true to the core. Dimensions and magic and varying levels of danger lied within these pages and it even got me kicking off a binge of the series on Hulu. What a fitting ending to the Omnibus collection. Attention-grabbing, phenomenal artwork rendering so much emotion and action. I was both stunned and enthralled, both wonderful things.


So many character returns! From Angel and Faith to Oz. I think the ones that surprised me the most were Sid, the dummy in Chaos Bleeds—and I love the video games—and Pike! I was saying how I wished Pike was brought back into the BTVS universe and I got it! While this is the end of the Omnibus collection, I do hope Pike makes more appearances in the graphic novel collection. He’s a pivotal part to Buffy, just like the Scooby Gang. Also, Sid was definitely a memorable character and one of the best parts of the first season of the TV show. Chaos Bleeds was also one of my favorites from this volume.

I was glad to see this volume dive in a little deeper to the huge emotional and despairing parts of BTVS: losing Joyce and Buffy’s resurrection. The show did very well in depicting something so gut-wrenchingly despairing, but this volume gave so much more depth in a way the show couldn’t. Amid Buffy’s duties and the end of the world and the Hellmouth always causing trouble, there wasn’t enough time to deal with such powerful trauma and grief. This volume gave that to Buffy. It filled the cracks of the TV series and gave way to so much more of what Buffy went through and how she felt.


This is my utmost favorite in the collection. It had a lot of my favorite things that I love in a series. From an epic fight to reunions to love and grief. Fast-paced, this is definitely one of the best graphic novels in the Buffyverse.

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