The Sundown Rundown – November 2021

Hey there, book humes!

With this month starting the major holiday haul, I didn’t have much time to review between holiday festivities and work. For that, I’m sorry. On another note, I have managed some good reading and to catch up on my Goodreads! So, there’s been some push and pull. More pull than push since I’ve been slacking in the SSQ and Book Lists/Tags area, but since we’re going into December pretty fast, I’m hoping to get back on those bandwagons for the New Year. Do I feel lame? Totally. I’m really dropping the ball. For that, I’m sorry. This year has really come with some hardships, including a toll on my mental health, and putting that back together hasn’t been easy. But, I’m hanging in there, hoping to get a good bit of reviewing in before 2022 slams into me.

Wow, I can’t believe 2021 is nearly over. I’m still processing 2020. LOL.

So, as we come down to the end of the month, I’ve got the bookish wrap-up for you. I know you’ve probably been having a busy time of late, so while you’re taking a moment to relax, go for a scroll and catch up on any of these reviews you might’ve missed.

The Merciless II (The Merciless)

Author: Danielle Vega


Sofia thought that horrifying night when her friends tried to exorcise a schoolmate was over. She was wrong. Tragedy strikes and suddenly she’s going to a Catholic School for troubled youth. Trouble follows her and in a twist of unfortunate fate, it’s her that is at the mercy of an exorcism when a boy believes he can save her.


Author: Scott Westerfeld


Two girls. Two worlds. Their lives change after a major event. One jumps into the world of publishing when her novel is picked up. The other jumps into the world of limbo after nearly dying in a terrorist attack. Both are tied to each other in unsuspecting ways. Both will never be the same.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter)

Author: Seth Grahame-Smith


Abraham Lincoln wasn’t just one of the most well-known presidents of the U.S. He was also a fighter against vampires. Here, marks his journey into the occult and his fighting every vampire he could to help the future of humanity.

Favorite Book This Month: The Merciless II was so good! Gory, fast-paced, and addicting. There were minor hiccups but nothing that could stop me from finishing this series.

Least Favorite Book This Month: Afterworlds was a major disappointment. Unable to keep my interest, this one was a sluggish ride. I could barely hang on.

More to come soon…


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